About me

Hey !

My name is Cristina Leau. I was born and I live in Cluj-Napoca, a wonderfull city where you can often find your inspiration. I graduated the Fine Arts Higthschool “Romulus Ladea” from Cluj at Fashion Design and now I’m studying photography at Art and Design University, Cluj-Napoca.

One of my biggest dreams or wishes I could say, is to become an artist. My love for art, showed it’s first sparks when I was a little girl and I used to draw with my sister, all over the house. Besides drawing and painting I was fascinated by origami.The posibility to transform a piece of paper in a 3D object made me spend a lot of time in front of diagrams and explicative videos.

I can’t explain in words the feeling I have when I fold a new model, especially when there’s a more complex one than the previous, but the disappointment of a failure is present too… I can’t tell you exactly when I started folding origami, but I got more into it since 2006, when I was folding origami in school breaks, on the bus, while walking, in class, everywhere.

In 2009 I discovered a piece of heaven : the site:forum origami. I could say that the discovery of this site canged me a lot.Beside the fact that I spent hours to watch the models created by other Romaninan origami artists, it helped me to create some life-time friendships. My obsession for origami made it’s presence felt in highschool (2009-2010) especially on the 8th of March when I used to make little gifts for my teachers. And of course my diploma couldn’t be something else than origami: (video).

I choose the tessellation, which assumes the obtaining of a certain pattern of a geometrical flower model, from a triangle or square grid. Regarding the University, I tried to introduce origami here as well, but I’m still waithing for the great moment to get the shot.

This blog was born from the simple fact that people use to ask me if I have a blog or a website. So I could say I created it to get rid of their questions.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. I have watched your video. That dress is simply gorgeous! You’re so talented, and your patience is amazing. Well done! I’ve enjoyed the tessellation you’ve created. I might try a much simpler project later! Please keep going!

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