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Hello guys. I have a personal announcement to make.

After a long time of keep on wanting to create my own website and start my hassle, I finally made that move. About a month ago I bought my first domain name and a hosting server as well and started making my own website.

I’m still at the beginning and there are not a lot of posts yet, but I do intend to grow it over time and have fun with it.

For the moment there are two categories, Origami and DIY. I want to create more and be more creative so I would like to have more categories, like, crepe paper, felt, clay and so much more, but for the moment, anything that is not origami will go into DIY.


I also created a Facebook page and an Instagram profile. You can follow me there as well.

I’m still on my first steps so it will take me some time to adjust and grow, but I’m really excited of this new adventure.

See you at my new site.

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